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At Kent English, we are committed do give tailor-made support to each one of our trainees before, during and after completion of our courses. 


What we offer: 

  • Accommodation services 
  • Professional career services 


These services are all highly appreciated by our graduates ! 

Career Services

  • Looking for a TESOL course and TESOL jobs in Turkey? 
    At Kent English TESOL we care about our graduates and help you find the best job possible. 

    There´s is a big demand for English teachers in Turkey. Compared to other Asian countries, the level of English here is quite low, so Turkish people need to improve their English in order to find a good job in Turkey or abroad. This means there are plenty of  TESOL jobs in Turkey! 

    The most important part of getting TESOL certified is finding a job when it’s all over. We help you throughout the 4 weeks and beyond to develop a foundation to be successful in the TESOL job market. 


    For many years, Kent English has been one of the main connector of employers and employees. 


    If you are a teacher looking for an ELT position in Turkey, you can fill out the job application form bellow and forward it to info@kentenglish.com    

    Job Placement for teachers.pdf

    Job Placement for teachers.word


    If you are a school looking for teachers, you can simply submit your request to  info@kentenglish.com