Entry Requirements

The entry requirements include: 

  • minimum age: 18  
  • educational background and qualifications: enough to allow trainees to enter higher education in their own countries. 
  • excellent competence in spoken and written English. Speakers of English as a second or additional language should have a minimum overall ability at C1 (CEFR). All applicants are assessed on their language skills at interview equally. 
  • demonstrate an ability to learn how to explain the relevant features of English to learners and teach these in a communicative context. 
  • willingness to work cooperatively as a member of the training group and respond constructively to feedback on personal performance. 
  • demonstrate the potential for combined study, including language analysis and also rigorous practical training. 


Candidates who are willing to participate need to follow the guidline: 

Step 1: The candidate sends their FILLED ENROLMENT FORM to bilgi@kentenglish.com 

Step 2: The candidate chooses an interview date and time (local Istanbul time or TRT) from the Interview time-table. 

Step 3: The candidate recieves an email of confirmation in which the Pre-course task is included. 

Step 4: The candidate submits the Pre-course task to info@kentenglish.com and attend a 5-10 minutes interview. 

Step 5: The candidate recieves an APROVAL EMAIL including Invoice Instruction. 

Step 6: The candidate submits the invoice reciept to info@kentenglish.com 

Step 7: The candidate recieves the pre-course tasks, packs and resources to prepare for the course. 

* Note that the pre-interview tasks must be completed at least one day before the interview. 

For more details on entry requirements, please click here to download the full Attendance Guidelines.