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Terms and conditions for Trinity CertTESOL Courses at Kent English

      1. General
      • The Customer is referred to as ‘the Applicant’ and ‘the Trainee’ in this document. 
      • This document makes reference to, but is not the same as, the Academic Regulations for the Cert TESOL course.    
      • Any query about these Terms and Conditions should be raised with the Trinity Cert TESOL Course Director at the school making an offer. 


      1. Course Fees
      • The Standard Course Fee totals [£ 1.180]. 
      • During off-peak times of year, a Special Offer Course Fee may be offered. This will be stated clearly in the offer letter. 


      1. Prompt Payment Discounts
      • Only apply to the Standard Course Fee, and do not apply to Special Offer Courses at off-peak times of year. See section 3 for details. 
      • Course Fees are inclusive of all examination, certification and material costs.  
      • Course Fees do not include the cost of a Grammar book or copy of ‘How to Teach English’ by Jeremy Harmer (which are not essential, but both recommended for Cert TESOL trainees). 
      • If any coursework needs to be reassessed after the course has finished (a process known as Referral), additional fees will apply. See section 5 for details. 
      • Course Fees must be paid in full at least 14 days before the course begins.  
      • Places on the course are not confirmed until Course Fees are paid in full. 
      • 4. The Schools Administrator will answer any questions and provide an up-to-date tariff, and can be contacted by email: info@kentenglish.com 

        • All accommodation is subject to availability. During peak times it is recommended that Cert TESOL trainees submit their requests early to avoid disappointment. 
        • Accommodation bookings will not be processed until Course Fees have been paid in full. 
        • Terms and Conditions for booking Accommodation through Istanbul Kent English can be obtained from the centre Administrator.


      1. Accommodation
      • If requested, accommodation for courses is organised by our parent company, ISTANBUL KENT ENGLISH. 
      • It is the Applicant’s responsibility to liaise with the administrator about accommodation at least four weeks beforehand. Course cancellation as a result of not booking accommodation far enough in advance, will not be acceptable grounds for course refund.  


      1. Academic Regulations
      • The award of the Trinity Cert TESOL is governed by the Academic Regulations of the course provider, Istanbul Kent English, and the accrediting body, Trinity College London. The Academic Regulations are given elsewhere. 
      • By accepting the offer of a place on the Trinity Cert TESOL, the Applicant acknowledges that this is a University-accredited course, and as such there are no guarantees of a pass result. 
      • Istanbul Kent English will do everything possible to ensure all Cert TESOL trainees complete all coursework to a pass standard, within the duration of the course. Trainees are allowed to resubmit work as many times as required, providing resubmissions occur within the duration of the course. If any coursework needs to be reassessed after the course has finished, this is known as Referral. The full rules on Referral can be found in the Academic Regulations.  


      1. Cancelations and Transfers (By the candidate)
      • If the Applicant cancels their booking, and withdraws from the Cert TESOL course: 
      • More than 4 weeks before the course starts – full refund minus deposit, (£300) 
      • Between 2 and 4 weeks before the course starts – 50% refund minus, (£300). 
      • Less than 2 weeks before the course starts – no refund. 
      • If the Applicant is unable to attend a course because their Visa has been rejected, provided that the Applicant provides evidence of that rejection, they shall be entitled to a full refund.  
      • Once Course Fees have been paid, if the Applicant wishes to transfer to an earlier/later course, Istanbul Kent English will try to organise this, but can offer no guarantees that this will always be possible at a time convenient to the applicant. 
      • There are no additional charges for transferring to another course.  
      • Once on an active course, Trainees will not be refunded any part of the course fees if they withdraw. Istanbul Kent English will do their best to transfer that student to a convenient later course, subject to availability.  
      • Once on an active course, Trainees may only transfer to later courses in extraordinary circumstances, to be decided by the Course Director.


      1. Course Cancelations (By Kent English)
      • If Istanbul Kent English needs to cancels a course, all fees paid will be refunded in full.  
      • Where possible, Turkey-based Applicants with no accommodation booking will be given 1 week’s notice if cancellation is likely. 
      • Where possible, Overseas Applicants, and any Applicants with an accommodation booking, will be given 2 weeks’ notice if cancellation is likely. 
      • The provisions above, in 7.2 and 7.3 will only apply if full payment has been made at least 14 days before the course begins (see 2.7). 


      1. Right to Withhold Academic Certification
      • If any Course Fees, Accommodation charges or Referral charges are still outstanding after the Applicant has completed the Trinity Cert TESOL, Istanbul Kent English will withhold official certification and references until all outstanding balances have been settled.  


      1. Expectations of Conduct
        Istanbul Kent English reserves the right to exclude Applicants/Trainees from a course without refund for misconduct deemed to be behaviour that repeatedly upsets the harmony of the course and/or the school.